Self Portrait


Self Portrait, 22″ x 30″, charcoal and watercolor on Strathmore



In this self-portrait I wanted to push the medium of charcoal by having it interact with color, specifically watercolor. Ultimately using the very high contrast between the darkness of charcoal and the lightness of watercolor allowed for each aspect to pop further off the paper, and make a sort of “floating in space” effect from the flat blackness of the charcoal. In terms of the elements of design, color was used in the face, texture was used in the hair and finer details, space was used in the flat blackness of the background, and form was used in the shading on the face. In terms of principles of design, balance was used in the central placement of the face, and contrast was used heavily between the face and the background. The contrast was in turn used to create strong visual dominance in the face, particularly in the nose and mouth regions.

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