Motion Graphics: Mood Board and Story Board for Kinetic Type

For this piece, I am using an old recording of Carl Jung saying these words:

“This unconscious cannot be described, because the unconscious, as I must repeat myself, is always unconscious, and is REALLY unconscious, REALLY does not know it. And so, we don’t know our unconscious personality, we have hints, we have certain ideas, but we don’t know it really. Nobody can say where man ends.”

The clip in question is very grainy in terms of audio quality, and there is a decent amount of white noise and texture. This is because the clip is quite old and recorded on technology that would be considered archaic by today’s standards. To reflect that in the visuals, I plan on adding “noise” or “grain” to the video. The colors I plan on using are quite saturated and somewhat tinted dark. Moreover I plan on using transparent text that acts as a mask for footage of natural environments that I will be recording myself. This is to portray the organic or “wild” nature that Jung hints to in this recording but especially throughout all of his work.

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