Kinetic Typography – Where Man Ends

Where Man Ends, After Effects, 2018

This piece is an exploration in kinetic typography using a sound clip from an interview with Swiss psychologist and philosopher, Carl Gustav Jung.

The interview in question is Carl Jung describing the ethereal nature of the human unconscious. The audio is quite old and damaged, and has a lot of white noise- this makes it sometimes difficult to completely catch what he is saying. I thought that this was quite poignant, because Jung is outlining how difficult or even impossible it can be to nail down the unconscious due to its very nature, so I decided to highlight that in the way that I animated and portrayed the piece.

When I was planning the mood board for this piece then, one of the first decisions that I made was that I would use animated visual noise to mirror the white noise of the audio. I wanted to see how I could use the tools in after effects to enhance and illustrate the meaning of the audio, so I purposefully made the word “Unconscious” to be obfuscated and changing while still readable. To this end I made the word a mask over a moving image, so that the boundaries would almost seem to change. Moreover I added firstly a gaussian blur to the image, to make the contents difficult to discern, and secondly over the mask, to make the edges of the letters more unclear. All of the words that appear in the piece transition in and out using animated gaussian blurs and opacities, to make them seem like ideas arriving and departing in the mind. Some word transitions I made to have letters seemingly meld together and transform into new words. I animated brightness and contrast settings to highlight aspects of the audio, like the cycling sound at the beginning and end, as well as any time “unconscious” is said.

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