BOARDTRICKS: Video with Motion Graphics

BOARD TRICKS, Video, Adobe Premiere & After Effects, 2018


For this video I wanted to explore how elements added in post can emphasize action and impact points in a motion piece. I was inspired by animations that have a sketchy, purposefully rough hand drawn element. In many places I used the brush tool in After Effects to create a direct impact visual in this hand-drawn aesthetic.


Hand-drawn visual of crack in the wall to emphasize impact point.


Fire-esque drawn animation to highlight board scraping against ground.


Besides using drawn aesthetic to emphasize impact, I also wanted to explore how color shifts can work in conjunction with longer, more drawn-out movement. By using saturation and color shifting, I was able to create an entirely different atmosphere for these movements.

Color shift using complimentary colors for “rail grind”.

Shifting color gradient, paired with drawn visuals, for board rotation segment.

These two visual styles ended up working together rather effectively. The sketchy, rough hand drawn elements pair well with the rough impacts and sharp noises present in the video and are congruous with the general atmosphere of skate culture: Rebellious, rough, and edgy. However they also paired well with the color shifting. I made the video to be more washed out, with relatively little saturation. What this does is allows the added color elements to heavily contrast with the background, because they are higher in saturation.

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