Advanced Motion Graphics: Dada Project


The objective of this project was to create a collage-style motion graphic inspired by Dada artists such as Marcel Duchamp. This was accomplished by using stock photography for all of the assets. Technically speaking, tools in After Effects such as 3D layers, camera movements, lighting elements, and a plugin known as Duik Bassel were used in the making of this piece. Duik was used in rigging and animating the snake, cat tail, arm, and goat head. Before compiling, the various pieces were edited in Photoshop so that they would be cohesive in terms of color and atmosphere.

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Advanced Motion Graphics: Duik Bassel Exercise

This is a simple exercise to demonstrate how Duik can be used to rig and animate a character in After Effects. The character was cut into different layers in Photoshop, and then a rig was created using Duik in After Effects. The photoshop layers were parented to the newly made rig. The rig was animated using built in tools and then had its’ visibility turned off, revealing the animated character.

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Zip file for game (Mac version):

This game, which I have titled Pit to Neon Hell, is played as a man falling through a long pit avoiding bar-like obstacles. Difficulty progresses by having more bars that are placed in the natural path of the player. Movement is handled with the arrow keys on two axis, and falling happens automatically using Unity’s built in gravity feature.

Lose Screen

Gameplay Capture

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Advanced Motion Graphics Project: Rhythm


Adobe After Effects


With this project I wanted to explore pairing audio cues with with specific, repeatable visual techniques to make a motion graphics piece more dynamic. I made a simple electronic track, with simply a beat, an analogesque pad, and some simple chimes. The beat was personified with an extruding white cylinder, the pads were visualized using wavy lines that were animated with the trim paths option, and the chimes were accompanied with grids.

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Advanced Motion Graphics Rough Draft: Rhythm

rough draft


This is a rough draft for a concept in which I will use color, shape, and motion to emphasize the cues in an audio piece which I am making. In this rough draft I am also testing the movement of the camera in After Effects. The camera has to be manipulated understanding that position of the camera is handled in arcs as opposed to straight lines, likely because arcs are very common camera movements in cinema. There are multiple ways to circumvent this if one wants to move the camera in a straight line. One could sync up the position of the camera with the point of interest, or the camera rotation. Another solution could be to pair the camera to a null object, and manipulate the position of the object.

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Motion Graphics: The Matrix Defense

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BOARDTRICKS: Video with Motion Graphics

BOARD TRICKS, Video, Adobe Premiere & After Effects, 2018

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